What Will Your Reaction Be? (Hug Me)

 I met a young man who was exercising today while I was out walking. As I continued to walk past him, he followed behind me. To my surprise the young man sped up to get my attention, so I removed my earphones to see what he could possibly want to inquire of me about. I could tell as I looked into his eyes that he was very nervous and he spoke with a low toned voice so I asked him to repeat his words and he replied, “oh, nothing I’m just asking random people for hugs just to see their reaction.” And because I am a child of God and I have some understanding of biblical principles I replied, “oh sure” and well, we hugged each other. He asked me what my name was and then he told me his name was Louise. Let’s pause right here in the story and let me tell you about my day. Earlier that morning I went to work at my usual time of 4:30 a.m., I got off of work earlier than expected and caught the bus back to my side of town but I decided not to go straight home instead I knew that I needed to go for a walk because I was questioning God concerning my purpose and all that it entails, I mean every once in a while I get this sense that more can be done for the Kingdom of God and I basically was inquiring of him as to my purpose and how I can be more effective in helping others. As I waited for the bus and even while I was riding the bus the spirit of the Lord fell upon me, so I knew he heard my prayers concerning my questions. Now fast-forward back to how I ran into Louise, the Lord told me to go for a walk and he showed me where he wanted me to start so I knew he wanted to talk to me. I often take walks as a method of therapy and for talking to God, so I got off the bus walked a little under a mile and started on my journey home since its not to far from where I started my walk and that’s when I saw Louise exercising. If you haven’t figured it out just yet, I believe that God answered my prayers when I met Louise and showed me why he has chosen me to be and have Xpressions’ of a Soul Winner (Hint. meaning He (God) gave me purpose). God already knew that Louise was going to see me walking and follow me all the way down the street just to get my attention and ask me for a hug in which I accepted and hugged him. Once we hugged Louise thanked me and said he had six more miles to go and shook my hand I extended my smile and we departed ways. God reminded me that I’m representing him at all times (Hint. more purpose). I learned that we cannot be afraid to move outside of our comfort zones in order to reach others and that many of us would have rejected him because let’s face it it’s awkward for a random stranger to come up out of the blue asking for a hug just to see the response of the person asked. I have to be honest I almost rejected him myself, but I thought about it and said nope this could be a divine intervention meaning it was as if God was telling me that that is his son who he loves very much and I thought what if he’s suicidal or what if God sent him to me because I needed a hug, I also thought about the saying that I was taught to be careful because you never know when you are entertaining an angel unaware. Especially since I’ve never seen him before I knew I had to hug him as all of these thoughts came to my mind. I believe that Louise will always remember the one (me) who wasn’t afraid to accept a hug from him (a stranger). My question to you the reader is what would your reaction be? If a total stranger simply asked you for a hug… not money, sex, or drugs, but a hug. 

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