In today’s economy we measure success by the materialistic things we acquire such as mansions, fancy cars, clothes, etc.… In other countries people may determine their success by obtaining land, having many children, and raising and selling animals it all just depends on their perception of what success is. I have a different perspective on what it means to be successful and that’s why I decided to write this post. One day I was reading some background knowledge about the books of the bible and it became quite clear to me as I started reading more information concerning the epistles written by Paul to the various churches to the gentiles about how we should live, it was then that God opened my eyes up more. Suddenly a huge smile came across my face and I realized that I’m already successful. I prayed a prayer last year asking God to help me keep my commitments to him and become a successful Christian. Not that I’m perfect all of a sudden but that I’m actually living according to the word of God (I still FALL short of HIS glory every day).

Because Christ died on the cross for the world and because he chose to save me and others who have believed in the “Good News” and have received the gift of salvation through faith in Christ I believe that I and those who follow Christ can continue to live a life that is pleasing to Him. The apostle Paul stated in Philippians chapter 1 verse 6 when he wrote to the Philippian church that He (God) who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ, which means God will always complete his work he does not leave anything unfinished and once we accept salvation the work begins in us just like those who the Apostle Paul wrote to.

I have to make sure that I note that it is God’s ability to make me and others like me successful. Him and only Him can break the bondages that keep us bound and locked up which means we are able to overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit and once we are freed from the stronghold of sin which enslaves us from the very moment we are born, then we become successful through Christ Jesus because of his sacrifice and obedience to God the father. It is important to me that everybody shares my success in Jesus Christ in receiving eternal life. I ask you to join me in accepting salvation in God’s son if you haven’t already the benefits are like none other.

The first step in order to live a successful life is to completely surrender to Jesus Christ. In addition, learning and reading the word of God will also shape and give much insightful information on how we should live. The bible which is our guidebook is something that we can always reference whenever we need encouragement, inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and more. Surrendering to God and his method of living will provide you with the necessary tools needed in order to be successful. For example, if you are horrible at budgeting God and his infinite wisdom will teach you how to budget your finances and help you manage any debt. Furthermore, I am learning the word of God for myself and I ask questions to those individuals who are well studied in biblical literature in order to get more clarity concerning what the will of God is for his people. I want the whole entire world to share my success and that is why I am doing my best to tell others about God’s greatest gift which is Jesus Christ.

Some benefits of sharing my success in God through Christ Jesus includes

  • Freedom from the power of sin
  • Unexplainable peace
  • Joy
  • Real love
  • Eternal life
  • Become an expression of God’s love to others and a soul winner for Christ
  • Godly Wisdom

I will NEVER be perfect, but it is the Holy Spirit who lives within me that helps me be and remain successful in that I’m free from the sin that once held me captive. I do not live in my own strength, but it is God’s strength and for that I am extremely grateful. God be magnified forever. Amen. and don’t for get to share my as well as your success story with other’s that they may also become successful.

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