Overcoming Humiliation

Have you or someone you know ever been humiliated publicly in front of a large crowd of people? If yes, then this is for you. I’ve been embarrassed many times throughout my life and the only thing it accomplished was more distrust towards people that I was in some way or another connected to. No one likes humiliation and people have their reasons as to why they bring you unnecessary attention and my stories will certainly prove that to be true. If you have read any of my previous blog’s then you know that I’ve been through hell in high water but who hasn’t right?

I used to live an alternative lifestyle before I changed my life and I dressed different, talked different, and was different from those around me. I got hired to work a night shift for a well-known company in Las Vegas, Nevada and the people their treated me horribly. I mean it got so bad that one person in particular wanted to fight me after work because of who I presented myself to be. I know, I know you want to know what happened right? Well when she called me out publicly while everyone was working, I didn’t say anything and the people who were closer in proximity to me looked at me and I heard someone say, “what is she doing?” and another person answered and said nothing she’s still working. I thought to myself these people have no idea who I am and maybe they thought because I didn’t respond that I was weak but that was farthest from the truth.

One of my coworkers felt bad and she didn’t verbally tell me it’s just I could tell because she offered me a ride home after work because I caught the bus to and from work every day that I was scheduled to come in. Well, after work I clocked out and waited for the coworker that offered me a ride home to clock out and I decided to hold the door open for everyone else and many of them thanked me as they exited the building.  I saw the girl who threatened me and someone asked her was she going to follow through on her word and she said no. I can’t honestly say that I was relieved because I wanted to see what was going to happen to me just like everybody else did. I presume that if I needed to protect myself then I would have and I think deep down inside her she knew that she was wrong, there was no reason to fight me she just had a prejudice against my outer appearance and the lifestyle I projected at the time. I later did break down crying because I knew if they ignored my appearance and got to know me some of them would actually like me and see me for who I was on the inside. I eventually quit that job and to some degree I regret it because in my mind it’s like they won.

The story I just told you was one of the many rejections I have faced in life, sure I believed in Christ, but I did not have a real relationship with him at that time. I want to take this a step further, and point to humiliation as according to the scriptures. Now that I am a believer of the faith in Jesus Christ I have to add a biblical picture of what it is to be humiliated and how Christ himself was humiliated for us because many of us will be humiliated only because we are taking a stand for the Gospel aka the Good News. Christ was humiliated, he was rejected and suffered persecution, before he gave up the ghost and died on the cross he was beaten, spit on, whipped, his robe was taken from him and the soldiers casted lots for it, he was humiliated so that we could receive eternal life. His humiliation was necessary it fulfilled the purpose of God, it also fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies, satisfied the law and it showed us an example.

In addition, many of the disciples and apostles also were humiliated for believing in the resurrection of the dead and new life received through faith in God’s only begotten Son. For instance, Stephen in Acts chapter 7 was accused of blasphemy, he spoke out against the Jewish authorities who were sitting in judgment against him and was stoned to death. Or take the account of the apostle Paul who was humiliated constantly he was dragged out of the city by the religious leaders and stoned, in which they thought he was dead, but no he got up and went right back into the city in Acts chapter 14. Some of us may die for the gospel such as these, it is still a very prevalent act that happens to this day and if it does happen know that it is an honor to do so.

In Philippians chapter 1 verses 12-26, the apostle Paul writes a letter from jail to the Philippian believers explaining that he was in jail for advancing the kingdom of God and that he rejoiced in the fact that he suffered for Christ and that the Son of God would be exalted whether he was alive or dead. The famous scripture that people love to quote is in verse 21 when he states, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Regardless of the situation Paul knew that Christ would be glorified. This is simply a biblical picture on what it is to be humiliated on behalf of our beliefs.

I know that some people have been through worse situations than my personal example and there’s always more to the situation that has either been forgotten or it has little significance to the person telling the story, so it gets left out. I was able to forgive those people who talked about me, made fun of my situation despite not knowing me, and I forgive the girl who humiliated me in front of the entire work shift. Of course I have moved forward with my life and have grown and matured I just wanted us to take a look at both the biblical interpretation of what it is to suffer and be humiliated for Christ as well as add my own account of what I experienced though not on behalf of Christ per se but just as a human being (I told my story so that we can remember not to judge and fight people just because they are different from us, love them even if they have not come into the truth just yet, extended the grace of God, not only his truth).  

If the person reading this has or is going through this then know that you are not alone many people have been humiliated what matters is how you deal with the humiliation ( How you respond) remember you do not always have to get even with an individual who calls you out, neither do you have to prove yourself, ask God for guidance and consult the scriptures and ask what Jesus DO? or How would the disciples/ apostles respond? The bible is our example if we are born again believers so it should always be consulted. Lastly, below are some tips of how to get over humiliation, hopefully these tips help along with proper exegetical scriptures.

  • Shift your focus on things that are positive
  • Don’t take things too personally (I struggle with this too, but it is possible to do)
  • Seek counsel and talk about it with people you trust
  • Confront the person(s) (If you feel comfortable to do so)
  • Place yourself in the other person shoes to gain more insight about the situation
  • Write about the situation in a journal if necessary (Hints the epistles in the bible were letters to the church)
  • Change what you can about the situation
  • Research coping skills to help your emotional state

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