Having a Bad Day?

We all have bad days in which we pout, shout, without a doubt anger deepens in our most inner parts. I recently had a bad day which is what inspired me to write this story about a man who was innocent and was falsely accused and punished even though there was no proof of him committing any crimes. Pause… Can you imagine being falsely accused and punished for crimes that you never committed?

The story was about Jesus Christ who was innocent and knew no sin. He was whipped, chained, spit on and further abused. As I continued to listen to the story, I was further drawn in like a fisherman waiting patiently for his prey. Furthermore, the day Christ died they took his clothes, and mocked him, his prosecutors made a crown from thorns in which they placed on his head. He was judged, yet withstood and endured all that shame. Bore a cross and I’m to blame for all he suffered on that sad yet glorious stint. They nailed his hands and spread his legs, and, in each foot, a nail was pressed. He hung while everyone watched and laughed, while they were glad, he was sad and cried out to the father, “Eloi, Eloi lema sabachthani?” which is Father, Father why have you forsaken me? Soon after he died and 3 days later is when he rose.

After I heard this story and compared my bad day to that of Jesus the Christ who through him salvation came I concluded that my minor plights do not compare to that of which my savior suffered on his bad day experience. Moreover, keep in mind that even though we all have bad days in which we pout, shout, without a doubt anger deepens in our most inner parts that we can overcome because our Savior did though our experiences are nothing compared to his sufferings. If your car breaks down unexpectedly or you get fired from your job, maybe someone has broken into your home and has stole many of the valuable items that you own just remember Jesus and the story of the bad he had, I hope you will conclude the same thing in which I have that our minor plights will never compare to that of our Savior.

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