We live in a world that encourages the philosophy of getting even when someone has hurt us. Some people’s aphorism is to “catch a fade” or, “catch me outside” in order to settle the score.  According to the bible in Matthew 5:38-41 it states that an eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth is wrong. Some of you may say, “But… wait a minute you don’t understand so and so really hurt me.” I know what it’s like to be hurt by people, I’ve dealt with my fair share of circumstances and I had to learn how to forgive them.

Furthermore, God can turn the situation around when people who mean us no good try to tear us down. For example, in Genesis 50:19-21 Joseph told his brothers who sold him into slavery that they intended to harm him, but God intended it for his good to accomplish what He purposed. Joseph had to forgive his brothers for their hatred toward him and because God favored him, he was able to save his family resulting in the children of Israel relocating to Egypt and being saved from the famine that struct the land.  

In addition, in Matthew 18:21-35 Jesus answers Peters question about how many times he should forgive those who sinned against him in which the answer was 70 times 7. Note that we are not defeated when we choose to forgive someone even if that person doesn’t apologize for the wrong doing. If you are having a hard time forgiving someone ask God for help and He will show you how. Remember that God has forgiven us for all the sins that we committed against him once we repented and we are able to be saved through his forgiveness.

So, in conclusion no matter what you have suffered through other individuals allow yourself to be free from that hurt by acknowledging the information you collected from the circumstance be it how it all happened, and various other questions you ask yourself as you psychoanalyze the situation and learn from it. Trials and the information gathered is apart of the learning process throughout life, of course always referring to the word of God as well. Through God’s word and your understanding of Jesus’ teaching about forgiveness you will be able to forgive other’s and heal the correct way without drowning yourself in alcohol and other various suppressants.

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