Finding Destiny

When people talk about destiny what they really are referring to is the plan and purpose that God has destined for us. People put so much emphasis on becoming something great that they miss the whole point. It is not solely based on our ability to become rich for example, when we serve Christ it is all about him. This idea of getting to our destiny is really about Christ being glorified and us being used as a vessel to further lead people to Him. Getting to our destiny should not be based on becoming rich or famous or trying to be better than our fellow man. Reaching our purpose should be based on God who has allowed us to become whatever he has decided for our lives.

One of my talents that God has gifted me with is writing so by expressing the goodness of Jesus throughout the world and making known his truths according to his word I am fulfilling the will of God by encouraging people to get closer to God and to establish a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We all have been given gifts by God that will help aid us in our ability to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gifts that God has given to us are not for us to sale them and make money and become rich but instead they are for the advancement of the kingdom.

Furthermore, destiny, can also be a physical place once we change our perspective and take the attention off ourselves and what we can become. Destiny can be seen as the place where we will spend eternity with our savior which means if we are living for Christ currently then why do we not considered reaching our destiny as it pertains to inheriting the new earth for the chosen. The bible tells us that before the foundation of the world God knew who would be His.

So, the fact that we are living for Christ is destiny. We were destined to be a believer of Jesus Christ him crucified. I challenge everyone to view destiny as our aspiration in becoming more like Christ because that is what the goal is to be more like him and to lead others to be more like him. Destiny is not simply attaining materialistic stuff or praise from peers and those we want to prove something to that is more of the world’s perspective. We should keep Christ the focal point when we say that we are pursuing our destiny and allow Him to lead us.

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