Dare to Dream

Have you ever had a dream? A dream of becoming something greater in life, a vision that God himself has entrusted you with personally. Well If you have then this is for you and if you have not given it much thought this is for you too maybe something said in this post will be beneficial to you.

I have always been a writer, the art of writing has always been apart of me since my early child hood, in fact, one of my elementary school teachers told me that I was a very good writer and at the time I did not think anything of it. Throughout my childhood years I often wrote songs, poetry, and anecdotes. Once I graduated high school, I ventured off from writing and up until a year ago I forgot about my passion and love for writing and expressing through poetry and song.

This brings me to the topic of discussion which is about personal dreams and visions that one wishes to accomplish. I believe that God gave me this passion so that I could reach, inspire, and encourage people. I started writing a book last year containing short anecdotes about my life and how I started reading the bible and found out the truth according to what was taught by the prophets, apostles, and Jesus himself. I asked God, what should I call the name of the book? And one Saturday afternoon after prayer that God told me to call it Xpressions’ of a Soul Winner. Yes, you guessed it this is the story of how my journey began.

Now before I began, I want to talk about Joseph and the dream God gave him that ended him in captivity, jail, but in the end a ruler who saved his people in the midst of a famine please refer to Gen. chapter 37 KJV.

I was excited about what God was telling me to write and do, to be honest I still am. Welp after I finished writing the book though it had a lot of grammatical errors mind you this was my first rough draft, but I was so excited that I sent it to my uncle, my dad, and I also allowed someone in the church that I used to attend read it. To my dismay, pause have you ever heard of the saying that you cannot tell your vision to everyone well that’s where I made my mistake. All I wanted was feedback and while my uncle and father gave exceptional feedback the member at the church, I attended pretty much passed the book around, started spreading rumors and telling people my testimonies. The members even had the nerve to teach the information to their congregation, which was hilarious because I knew what they were doing all along and the one I entrusted my book to kept trying to get my attention but I forgave her and kept it pushing.

What these people did not know was that God shows me things and despite the fact that they thought they were getting ready to start making plans with the vision that God gave me God moved me out of their community and brought me closer to my destiny which is where I currently reside. In fact, He is the one who told me to start my blog and to continue in spite of what had happened to me. God also told me to leave a lot of detailed information about my life out of the book, which is funny because it all makes since now, I can add more information and it will still be a completely different yet revised copy of what they read. I think God wanted me to learn from this situation and I did just that. I learned that even when God delivers you from the mistakes you make people will still judge you based off of what you have told them but they should always consider that there is always more to a person’s story you have to have all the details of the testimony and they didn’t. I learned not to trust people in the church just because they are “Gods people” there are many in the church who are not saved and who are not trustworthy.

I have to be honest that I was hurt by these people, it was not the fact that they were rude and disrespectful but that I truly loved them with a genuineness that only God could give. The fact that I kept forgiving them did nothing but masked my pain that later surfaced in the end. I’ll never forget one time during my daily commune with God when he spoke to me and said what does it matter you are who I said you are and you plan on telling the world this information anyway so why are you hurt, mad, and discouraged. When I heard this, I knew that God understood my perspective he understood my pain but at the same time he helped me to realize that in the end I still had the victory.

He showed me how I remained respectful to my adversaries, how I continually showed them love, how I gave and humbled myself in the mist of Judases. He also said I proved myself to be his daughter for real and that I’m actually living what I communicate to others though I am not perfect.  He showed me how I kept my eyes stayed on him and not his people who did not understand what it was that they really were doing.

They have not sacrificed for the vision that God gave me personally and they can never have what the Father has entrusted me with, though they can create something of their own without using my information. This blog will indeed have a book that goes along with it with some similar information to what they read. God has helped me to forgive and move forward. The truth is in the words of one of my Christian brothers the wounds are healed but the scars are still there and will never be forgotten but God’s grace and mercy has been extended to them through me.

I still have the vision and I know where God is taking me, I’m not bragging but my dream still lives, and I will continue to speak up on the Lord’s behalf. If you or anyone you know has a vision or goal be careful of those around you who will pretend just to get something from you. Some people will even try to steal what the Lord is doing in your life and try to make it their vision, goal, and long-term objective. I have learned that whatever God allows is for a reason and I am glad that I was able to serve their church in an untraditional aspect. Continue to dream no matter how long it takes for the vision to be manifested, God is faithful in his promises. Dare to dream and remember to fight the Good fight of faith no matter the opposite you encounter along the way it will help mold and shape your character and in the end the manifestation will be proof.

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