Bizzle and the God Over Money Squad

For the first time in my life’s history I had the pleasure of attending a concert featuring rapper Bizzle along with the whole God Over Money team and it was awesome. I posted some live streams of the concert to social media and immediately got some responses.  I had someone ask me who Bizzle was and when I told him that he was a rapper he asked me was he famous and I preceded to say yes.

The person continued and even laughed because he never heard of him, so I had to further communicate that Bizzle is a “Christian Rapper” and that he’s known all over the world. The person understood but it left me somewhat puzzled due to the fact that I had to specify his religious beliefs and by implication it seemed as if that was the reason why the person had never heard of Bizzle because he’s not a popular mainstream artist not to mention “Christian rappers” have been under rated and more light is being shinned recently due to Kanye West’s conversion.

I listen to all kinds of music such as country, rap, r&b, etc… But I’ve never questioned whether the people I listened to was Christian or not. I’ve watched numerous music award shows and many of the artist receiving their awards would first and foremost thank God, so I automatically assumed that most of the artist no matter the genre of music were Christians.

My point is music is music I try not to spiritualize it and I understand that just because someone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior likes listening to Jay Z and Beyoncé does not mean that they lost their salvation. On the other hand, listening to gospel, Christian rock, or any other type of christian music does not necessarily mean that those who do has accepted the christian faith. Some people listen to the Christian genre because of its uplifting messages and prefer it over other genres.

Bizzle, Selah The Corner, Datin, Jared Sanders

 I have recently switched to listening to more rappers who are indeed professed Christians but not necessarily for religious purposes but because I’m honestly tired of hearing the same thing it seems like every rapper talks about materialistic things and some disrespect women, they talk about selling drugs and killing people and there is so much explicit sexual content in mainstream music I mean think about the millions of kids who listen to these types of messages and want that same type of lifestyle and experiences because of the culture it seems cool to sell drugs and kill people.

For example, there’s a popular song by a rapper named O.T. Genesis called “CoCo” and he’s literally talking about selling drugs, snitches, how he hates the police, how he’s making the drugs with baking soda and explains that he’s in love with the “CoCo” which is cocaine. Think about how many kids were walking around singing that song without any real knowledge and understanding of what that rapper is communicating it was indeed a catchy song and that’s why it was so popular. My problem is not with the artist its with the content of the music but again that song was in agreeance with todays culture.

Moreover, I found out about a rapper named NF last year who is the number one artist right now with multiple number one hits on the billboard charts and guess what he’s a Christian who also professes Jesus Christ and his music is for everyone not just Christians. Another rapper is Lecrae who is also known all over the world. I listen to these types of rappers because of their content, the messages that are communicated to the listener are relatable, healing, uplifting, encouraging, they talk about their struggles to educate people and it instills hope in the listener and because of those elements I prefer it.

Furthermore, the guy who asked me who Bizzle was did not understand that Bizzle is a rapper who creates music for everybody not just the Christian audience and just because he never heard of him doesn’t mean he’s not famous or relevant there’s so many well known people that are unknown to us as individuals. For instance, think of the famous people in other countries who sometimes even travel to the United States that are not popular mainstream artists but they are still known all over the world, the thing is they would have to be exposed to us in order for us to know of them.

Popular rapper NF recently gave an interview and said, “I’m not a Christian rapper I am a rapper who is Christian he continued and stated its like a plumber who comes to your house to fix your plumbing is he a Christian plumber or a plumber who is Christian.” (Elizabeth 2019) For those of you who never thought about this before consider what you listen and how it affects your mental process do you really understand what you listen to or is it because the beat is banging and the hook is catchy? and Hey, there’s no judgement from me know that no matter what we listen to that God loves us no matter what it all depends on a persons preference.

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