What Color is Love

I see people all around white, black, yellow, and brown

The color is evident but not relevant and hate exists because of it

the resolve is love to the hate that we face if we all reach out and look past our outer elements

We were not all created to be and act alike

Even in your ethnicity differences remain aint two people the same

What color is love…

Tell me why do people hate based on color, yet they exclaim love for everyone in their own race

In each group theirs drug dealers, murder’s and rapists so tell me why one race feels like they are superior

If love abounds and we find common ground, then united we would stand

The truth is black lives matter wouldn’t be a factor

What the world needs is maturity and to surrender under God’s authority

And if we all came together in unity true strength would exists among nations and in our different communities

What color is love…

Love is colorless and if it did it would be red, the color of the blood that Jesus shed!

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