Waiting in Expectation

Be faithful over a few things is what I failed to realize
Whenever I open my eyes there are times that I cry
Due to certain insecurities and being misunderstood makes things even more hectic
I’ve been waiting constantly considering possibilities whenever doors open for me
Contemplating decisions, decisions and so on I fret, and doubt surrounds me, covers and grips me.
Until I realize and further rationalize acknowledgement of he who created all things so that my paths are directed narrowly
How could I expect success suddenly without a struggle?
Fake it till I make it just isn’t a part of me
Realness, more reality encourages me more than mere thoughts of life’s process.
Time is history, so each moment spent is dear to me
Prayer pays off, so I turn in my time sheet
God is near to me I keep him in my heart and his word on repeat
And every once in a while, he’ll send me a shout out
Have me on my knees all bowed down
Then in a still small voice he reminds me
That after suffering comes reign
So, I remain faithful over a few things
Continuing, to wait in expectation!

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