Tired Days

Lost in the wilderness a dry and empty place consumed with infinite dust and misplacement.
For years I circled town after town wandering aimlessly for the promise land.
Concerned with food, water, and idolatry because of disbelief I remained bound, chained, and broken.
Misguided by my own desires controlled by my own lusts still I followed Gods cloud above me, the angel of the Lord allowed to keep me in the vicinity of my destiny.
When will I succumb and understand that there is only One a Holy Priest?
My wise Counselman who speaks and thinks and directs my paths
If only I would have just believed in His plan, I would have already reached my promised land.
Victory was mine, my heart and mind were being renewed until I fell got trapped and bruised
Now I aim and strive and plead and cry because weariness has become my new destination.
In my tiredness I recalibrate my steps to realign with my Father though sadden and shook up.
Trying to forget my pitfalls along the way.
Realizing and analyzing that this journey is meant to make me tired.
Tired of sinning, tired of complaining, tired of failing my Father’s Son.
These tired days keep me focused, keeps me balanced, keeps my eyes on the prize
Which a relationship with Jesus Christ!

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