There’s No Me Without You

I have fallen, fallen so deep in love with just the mere thought of who you are Lord. The Love you give the blood you shed, you are incomparable, and no one will ever know your full capacity. The way you think is beyond what anyone can fathom. Who compares to the Lord almighty in your stature your strength is unmeasurable. I tend to get lonely, but you quickly remind me that you are always near whenever I fear and when I weep the tears I share in my secret place that is when your word revives me, keeps me alive and the smile I wear shows victory won for Christ you begun a good work in me. I have never known this love this special and stress free agape, that no man can take away from me. Your voice so clear and softly spoken I listen for every instruction. Obediently I constantly seek your ways desperately awaiting the presence I feel all around me. Courageously I stand for your righteousness boldly proclaiming the Lord and his greatness. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and since wisdom is the principle thing I know that there is no me without my you!


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