The Voice that Cries

I hear a still soft voice calling aloud for all to hear, “Listen, listen for I have come to give you rest.” As the souls pass by the voice remains hoping that someone would stop fast in their tracks that led them further astray, that they will no longer remain displaced.
I hear a cry for all life to bow down and worship the God of all creation in spirit and in truth. A cry for the one who has given up and thrown in the towel because there is no use. For the one who’s hope is shattered, broken, and is no longer available.
I hear the call to those near and far left and forgotten, “Come to me and I will renew your strength” says the voice calling aloud. A voice so sweet and pure that I cannot ignore.
A voice full of life and love from His sweet lips flows fulfillment into each life He calls. His voice is so memorizing and holy. I lift my hands up high in the sky come one, come all, in unification we are one body. For the voice that cries one day will rise and we shall be hold His glory.

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