When was the last time you smiled?

Sharing sentimental moments with laughter in the air

The gift of love spread near and far to everyone who encounters you

Though life may not be kind at times, the hope that resides inside of you brings happiness near

For a moment you forget the problems that’s facing you

The beauty in life comes through when you show it all in your kind facial expression

When was the last time you shared your smile to brighten earth’s atmosphere?

No more sad days if you can help it; don’t be defeated by life’s lies,

Look forward to the future, cause’ trouble doesn’t last always, so look ahead to better days

In a world full of people, we need you to be there,

Sharing the beauty that God gave you through your incredible smile,

And if compliments come just know that people are aware of the joy you have inside

In every smile note how remarkable each moment of life can be

So, rise and share, wear it everywhere!

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