Restorer of Hope

The things we lose sometimes cut deep so to the point that we lose sight on the important things in life

Broken promises, things that remain unseen, have one questioning why me

It’s said that only time will tell but what happens if you run out of time does that mean that time failed

Insecurity arises and where hope once proliferated now pessimisms pride resides inside

When all else fails tell me how one is supposed to continue on knowing that their hope is gone…

Since I have your attention as you read on let me tell you that all is well even if you feel confused, hopeless, and singing sad songs

The restorer of hope lives on and increases our ability to carry on

He gives strength, guidance and encouragement needed to live on

In him does life flow and the living water is extended in us and life grows

Risen, he conquered death and ever since then our expected end is to reign with him

Waiting in anticipation of Jesus Christ our restorer, now that’s what hope is.

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