My Heart’s Plea

Oh Lord, hear my cry and rescue me out of this snare that has me tangled up in fear

build my stature and give me strength to continue to fight the good fight of faith

though mine enemies wish to cuff me and lead me to my demise protect and shield me lead me further away from them, show me my escape

as I lie and wait on your promise renew and refresh me with thine spirit please don’t take your presence away

I look forward to the day that you will rise and take your stance once more the victory you will take out of the hands of your enemies

please my king make haste, remember your people who are weary and in need of your incredible strength

I look to you the Lord strong and mighty, in you I hide away, and you cover me like a blanket unfolded and the warmth of your love fills all empty space

hear me oh most gracious God and answer my plea earnestly that I may worship thee abundantly

show me thy ways and open up my understanding so that I may follow all of thy decrees that I would not continually sin against thee

my soul desires your righteousness, wash me till there is no more guilt stains that I may appear as white as snow

this is my plea before your throne hearken thine ear that I might be saved and secure in the presence of his majesty.


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