Where has all the peace gone? Brokenness and suicide are at an all-time high and the hopes of the dreamer have been temporarily crushed, while the people who rush to do evil plunder up stolen goods in the charade of raids happening across the country. Living life has become catastrophic with so much madness displayed from the oval office and a virus wrecking havoc all over the nation.

Where is the peace that sweet, sweet serenity?
When I look around at all the torment that this great nation has been hit with, I question is this punishment from our bad living, and not giving God enough recognition?
Each day that I awake I pray that we as a nation would rise again united but instead all I witness is all the hate, the political dysfunction in the presidential debates, and the families who suffer financial distress unable to receive stimulus checks because all the progress has been put to rest with continuous vacations.
We need peace that sweet, sweet serenity to help us to live in harmony.

May the Lord help us to forgive all of the offenses committed by one another, so that we may move together in unity, one nation under God, indivisible and justice for all.
Lord please help our country to overcome all of the fears and restore the hope that has been lost so that we can find what you designed to quiet the storms of our lives.

God help us again to come to you, repent and allow you to make us all brand new.

The earth is the Lords and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him stated in the book of Psalms, so we know to whom we belong.

We need God who is that peace, that sweet, sweet serenity.

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