Past Me

Looked around and I’m all alone

I changed and now all my friends are gone

Surrendered to Christ and got my deliverance

But people miss the old me

They only knew what their eyes seen; the person I appeared to be

But inside I was weak and needed surgery of the heart, soul, and mind

The lord who is strong pulled me up from the depth of the shadows

I celebrate and continue on in the newness of life

And still yet people miss the old me

Depression, anxiety, broken hearted all refer to the old me

Chained and bound, blind and lifeless

But now I’m free

Yet, people still miss the old me

The me that used to smoke weed kick it and drive drunk

The me that went to the club and got turnt up

The me that slept with people without care 

The me that lied, stole, and cheat

But guess what while others may judge the change that’s come

I sit back. Reflect; thank God that that was the past me and because now I’m free.


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