Pick and choose who you will surrender to

Will it be money, false gods, those things that are very important to you

Or will you serve the king

Let me twist this a little bit because Christ choose you

He also had an option, but he knew he was the only way in order for us to be free

many people say there’s more than one way

and what makes my God the better choice

all I can say is believe in faith and let him show you the way

the other options are all non in void

deciding to follow Christ is more serious than most people think it is

its not like choosing Nikes, or any other materialistic good

according to what truth says we only got two options

either follow Jesus straightly or choose sin broadly

many people say they need more time to decide

but please realize in the blink of an eye we all could die

if you choose the way and the truth and the life

he’ll give you eternal life

consider this option, Jesus stands by, so repent of your sins before you run out of time.

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