Pick and choose who you will surrender to

Will it be money, false gods, those things that are important to you

Or will you serve the king Yeshua over things that your clinging to

Realize that Christ too had an option. He chose to die for me and you He was the ultimate sacrifice

They beat him low and hung him high, His arms stretched out long and wide, with both feet nailed together he bled and cried

So, won’t you choose this victory, through Christs suffering we’ve been set free

There is some who’s still pondering, thinking there’s more than one way, so they think, they ask what makes my God the better choice?

All I’ll say is believe in faith and He’ll be sure to show you the way, all the other options are non in void

You may say you need more time to think and decide but please realize that in the blink of an eye we all could die; know that if you choose the way and the truth and the life then you’ll receive eternal life

As you consider these things know that Jesus is standing by, waiting for you to repent of your sins before you run out of time.

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