My Love

One look in His direction in awe and imagination I seek for my love.
In the valley low or on the steep hilltop of the highest mountain top I would travel just to reach out to my love.
On the battle field, in the toughest war zone standing tall with a sword and shield to fight for my love.
In the newness of day or the darkest hour of night all throughout the day I think of my love.
In each heartbeat felt along with the blood that flows within my veins is inspired by my love.
Each time I stay and do not runaway the victory gained comes from my love.
My love has always, will always remain yesterday, today and forever he stays the same.
My love is Jesus to him I give all praise.
Ask him and my love will come and give newness to anyone who seeks his way.
And forever your love and his love intertwined together will always stay.

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