My Love Song

Each day spent loving you is far greater than life itself

As time passes, I imagine and can’t help but to think of mansions and roads of gold that lead to heavens gates

There is no one greater in all that exists because everything in creation exists because of you

The more you open my eyes, the more I continue to be mesmerized keeping my eyes on you

Lord, you’ve opened my heart and out came this love song written just for you

No one can take your place in all the human race in my life because of the price you paid

I embrace your love with my arms lifted up in humility, I reach out to the heavens knowing that I am yours forever more

The more I acknowledge you the closer we become, you encourage me to hold on and help me to overcome

In adoration I lift up praise and give you glory for what you have done

Your presence remains near and it’s clear that no matter where I go there you will always be

For I am yours and you are mines even in eternity

I pour out my heart and you send your spirit to rest on me

No matter what together you and I were meant to be from the beginning of time you already won victory!

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