Outspoken or spoken out loud in a crowd
Where eyes watch, and everybody sees but no one intervenes
Beyond what the dilated pupil perceives
How often has someone reached out from outside their comfort zone to help me see me
Can’t they see I’m hungry, can’t they see I’m thirsty
Can they see me past my appearance the way my hair is shifted in different capacities?
Or past the stains that reside in various locations on my garments.
Some think I’m crazy or better yet insane
Does anyone know who supposed to care cause’ I really don’t have no one here
I’m simply misunderstood
I watch body after body pass by some ignore my existence while others give me the side eye
I stand in places, and sit by myself in empty spaces
Some are repulsive towards me I really need help, but everybody fears their perception of what could be wrong with me
I’m simply misunderstood
One day a man passed by told me silver and gold have I none but such as I have will be given to you
I cried and cried God healed my life
I’ve been renewed, got my eye sight and am no longer simply misunderstood.

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