As time flies by we busy our minds just to keep from remembering old times. Mistakes were made, the price we paid for everything done.

We cry, we laugh, we even feel embarrassed by the very things that has passed as if we reenacted the scene but realized it’s our mind remembering times.

Emotions run high and self will remind whenever an old soul starts reminiscing about the good old days as if those days was set to rewind, pause… then replay. The memory fades and at the end turns faint and yet for a moment we ponder on things we did.

At the end of life remembering our memories turns into questions of have I…

Like have I loved God with all my heart, soul, and mind?

Have I loved my neighbor as I loved myself?

Have I lived a life that is pleasing to God? or did I choose to live my life for me instead of dying to self? (Matthew 16:25-26)

Remembering the difficult, embarrassing, and funny times of our lives is least important. What is more important is the memory of the truth, the way and the life which will always be Jesus Christ!





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