Look Into My Eyes

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see

Is it evil? or is it kindness? tell me really, who do I appear to be?

Am I the Judas that betrayed Christ or John the one Christ loved?

Some say I’m very special other’s pretend and show fake love

No matter the opinion I strive, and I strive to stay true to what’s right

Look into my eyes can sympathy be seen?

Do I really care? or am I carelessly expressing empathy trying to be seen?

Some people constantly point the finger, but I always take the blame

Look into my eyes and tell me do you see any pain?

Can you see that I am weak? Or is your focus my exterior appeal that showcase’s my false strength

Whatever you perceive I respect, it’s your conclusion

but in the end the truth provides the answer, but it also brings God’s judgement

look into my eyes come on use your discernment and if it is correct, you’ll see everything I wasn’t.

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