Lights, Camera, Action

The time is now I can see the victory
Rising to the occasion standing firm I now know that I will make it
Success in him, and God is clear on what he desires from me
The stage is now my resting place no fear of making mistakes for greater is he who dwells in me
I have arrived but no time to gloat least I fall
Instead I make my boast in the Lord
My mind is made up and the time it took has no effect on my destiny
I’m overwhelmed with joy God’s grace is refreshing me
Time told the tall tale, but reality withstood and held the truths once I unveiled
For I am proof a sinner can be saved, made whole through mercy’s triumph
Through the death, burial and resurrection I am healed
I’m purposed filled aspiring to be Godly
Holy as he is holy defined by his definition
Lights, camera, action his truth has been revealed
I’m so glad that Jesus chose me before life itself began to fulfill.

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