It’s Possible

Dear reader some dreams seem to big and to far to attain but remember anything is possible.
Remember that God’s instruction leads to the Way and that through him we find refuge, His peace, and love help aid through anything.
I want you to know that its possible to stand tall and face each day.
That God is always nigh if you reach out repent and call his name.
It’s possible to live a godly lifestyle and abstain from sin.
It’s possible to make it through any detour through any and all of life’s pain.
Dear reader though tears may be shed know that Jesus sees all, hears all, and truly understands. All you have to do is humble yourself bow down and pray to Him.
Remain steadfast in your response to any and everything negative thing that comes your way.
I want you to know how special you are that God built you in a unique and special way.
I need you to understand that he sent me here to encourage you and to tell you to worry not everything will be ok.
Dear reader if ever you need a friend God’s son is waiting to come in.
Please know that’s its possible to overcome all fears, strength and courage come in high demand.
Dear reader its possible that your that speacial to God that He put this in my heart strictly just for you and now you can continue in the pursuit of the possibilites that each day brings you.

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