I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew right from wrong until Jesus came into my life and showed me the way.

I thought I knew how to love my neighbor as I loved myself but instead I found out that before Christ filled me with his love I was filled with a lot of hate.

I thought I knew the correct way to live except I lived as the heathen and needed Jesus to change me.

I thought I knew how to worship God correctly however I denied his truths and sinned daily.

I thought I knew how to give to others, but God showed me how stingy I really was.

I thought I knew the correct way to live for Christ but instead I failed him day after day.

I thought I knew how to abstain from sin on my own and soon I realized that God’s power sustains me.

I thought I knew God’s love not understanding I will never quite know why God has so much love for me.

I thought I knew the peace of God but how can I when it passes all understanding.

I thought I knew how to be holy as He is holy only to find out that even my righteousness is as filthy rags.

I thought I knew how to win the victory and soon realized that the victory belongs to Jesus who bled and died for me and through Him I am victorious.

I thought I knew so many things only to have the Holy Spirit open my eyes to all my short comings.



2 thoughts on “I Thought I Knew”

  1. thank you, this means a lot… God told me to be faithful over a few things this is a start and I thank him for helping me overcome being timid.

  2. calledtosevernotbeserved

    You have a gift that will bless others. Know that!!! Finding and knowing God is helping you know yourself

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