I Love You, Lord

As the dawn rises I reflect on your goodness. How you’ve kept me daily like a stream flowing carrying everything in its path. I exalt you my King whether in darkness of night or the shinning of day, for you are the Lord strong and mighty. Words are merely not enough to express the gratitude that fills my heart like a barren woman who miraculously gives birth because life’s very existence is in your hands. Oh, how my soul longs for thee to make its boast.

When I think of the goodness of Jesus… hmm… where would I be? I rejoice daily acknowledging your strength for I am weak. You are near me like a bee near a tree seeking the sweet nectar to create something sweet, for you inhabit the praises of your people. With a sincere heart I worship you in both spirit and truth. It is your love, grace, new mercies daily, my God and your peace which enables me to stand tall. You draw me nearer and nearer to yourself, like a magnetic force pulling weight against gravity.

I can never repay you for the price paid on Calvary, nor can I out give you because you cannot be beat. Jesus you are to me what the water is to the ocean without water it would be useless, empty, and serve no purpose; to stay in your presence is my heart’s desire.

I’ll praise and lift you up because that’s what you created me to do. I was created to love you, I was created to praise you. I was created to talk about your goodness.

Spirit of the living God continue to fall fresh on me like the dew in the morning, like the manna that fell from heaven. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever Psalms 23.


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