Hidden Figures

What makes a hero a hero? Is it their ability to forget about self for everyone else? Or the bravery he or she has that exists to help?

Is a hero our favorite Avengers character? Or one from the justice league who possess special abilities?
Most people forget what real heroism is and instead refer to the make believe written in Marvels script.
Think about the doctor that heals people’s cancer cells, and dedicate their lives keeping us alive
Or the lifeguard running to the rescue because somebody needs help and they are trying to save a life from drowning itself
What about the people who care for the elderly? everyone dies eventually and these people comfort the families
What about the humanitarian? who is not a celebrity, who travels overseas to care for and feed those less fortunate families whose government could care less about their homeless
Recall the street hustler beaten up by society, turned to selling illegal substances just to help out the community and sadly loses their life committing illegal activity and no one reached out to show them there’s a better way to provide and pray he or she opens their eyes before it was to late
Think about the foster parents who adopt as many children as possible in order to give them a family, many people have children and abandon them, they all need someone to provide a safe and loving environment
Consider the teachers who use their ability to teach our communities youth in order to give them the knowledge that prepares them for societies use

Remember the soldiers risking their lives and going beyond barriers infiltrating the enemies camp before the enemy attacks Americas land

Acknowledge our pastors and preachers who give insight and hope despite their own pitfalls, they’re here to encourage us all especially when we fall, they preach the Word of God and spiritually feed us all

Most importantly think about Jesus he is the ultimate hero there is no one who surpasses him, he gave his live to free us from sin, and now everyone has the opportunity to receive salvation through him and many people still don’t acknowledge him, either they don’t know or forget without him we all are lost and there is no hope

So, what makes a hero a hero? Is it heir ability to forget about self for everyone else? Or the bravery he or she has that exists to help?

Hidden Figures

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