Help me to Stand

When I feel weak in my flesh and am a complete mess

Falling and whimpering around from place to place

Disguising my dysfunction, a complete masquerade I wear on my face

I may pretend and smile through pain to keep all the nosey vultures away

I’m steadfast in encouragement I pace and am sustained in my Faith

As I am tempted, I can’t complain contentment and God’s grace point me away from shame

I stare straight ahead looking for loves embrace and times instant newness as each day passes away.

Humbled by every encounter, I’m suddenly filled with peace and joy with smiles and laughter

Why because through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God

Even when life seems kind of odd and I can’t concur with any pessimistic thoughts

It seems I waver not in silence there is much thinking in soberness I can only conclude that God has been helping me to stand and not falter.

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