He Is…

He is my gift, through Jesus salvation came
He is my guilty pleasure in which I indulge myself in
He is my hide out my shelter from the rain
He is my shield my protector from all pain
He is my sword his word pierces my soul
He is my light that shines bright on top of the hill
He is love he mends the broken hearted
He is my guide he leads me back to himself
He is my Joy I rejoice about his goodness whether in sickness or in good health
He is my peace that surpasses all understanding
He is my strong tower when I am weak I am strong because of his power
He is the apple of my eye for beauty is in the eye of the beholder
He is my heart’s desire nothing else can transpire
He is my rock, my strong foundation, a cornerstone
He is my God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
He is a restorer, my hope he has renewed
He is my example the way, the truth, and the life
He is my Lord there is no one greater
He is everything, to be more like him is what I strive to become.

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