He Heals Me!

God sent his son to heal me from my pain.
He sent his Son to conquer the upside downs that sin filled along with the worlds gain.
God sent the greatest gift to bring newness to his land.
He sent the one to reveal his entire plan of salvation to every nation in the land.
He sent the One His One the Only begotten Son.
God knew the world was full of darkness and He knew the devil’s crassness. So, He sent the Word that through Him my life would no longer be worthless.
I no longer hunger, nor do I thirst His righteousness has filled my entire being.
I rejoice at his presence his very essence helps me to stand.
My life has been redeemed and changed because of God’s delivery his faithful plan.
I’ve got the victory and sing Amazing Grace has risen me.
How sweet the sound of the angels who rejoice for each time a soul is saved healing has taken place. Jesus healed me and it was according to His Father’s plan.

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