Have I proved Myself?

Have I proven myself yet oh God?
I have walked away from everyone and everything I’ve known
I have endured the heartbreak that comes with telling the world no because I now stand for something bigger than myself
I’m still here believing in you with all the pain I’ve received from those who mock me and make fun of the gift that you’ve given me, how they’ve conspired behind my back and became new enemies
I endured the shame that telling my testimony has brought which has ended in scandal
I told the truth and was scolded but you knew it would happen and I wondered why you have allowed so much foul play but hey, what has not killed me has only boosted my confidence
I have stood in the gap for all those who are still lost? praying constantly that they would seek and find you
I consistently ask you am I worthy of this calling to promote and boast the God who called me by name, cleaned me up, and made me his advocate?
Have I not talked about your love enough, so that man would choose you and not fall into a bottomless pit but be uplifted as well as shift into the kingdom of Heaven instead?

Have I not honored you enough or told the world how you can change it and make it anew?

Are you pleased my king will you now make me triumphant in the things I have sought out to accomplish regardless of the evil that lurks to stop all my progress?

I myself am your proof and no matter what I go through I will yet stand firm with your word in my hand and continue to stay true so that I may prove all my loyalty is to you.

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