Guns & Roses

Where’s the love? when shots are exchanged, and blood is lost. Communities weep over dead discoveries and drinks are poured out for the gangster’s dead homies

Why the violence? The mentality of those that pull the trigger and extend their hatred toward another is a senseless act. The violence given in response to someone else’s reaction should be examined because the one who kills may become like the life they steal, shot dead with a piece of steel.

America wake up stop the violence at once. One should ponder the response before committing a crime that leads to someone else’s loss

hearts are broken when a life undeserving to die due to a bullet strayed from a gun fight. Mothers weep at their sons or daughters’ grave site and reality hits, that’s the person they gave life to, never to be seen again once they close the box.

and the roses that should have been given while the life lost was still living have been thrown on the casket as the final token of love and the family feels lost when they’ve lost a loved one due to the bullet of a gun.

It’s not just the mother’s, or families who lose but America it’s our loss too. We are united under God and to him, we belong. The commandment is to love your neighbor as you love yourself so, take a stand against the violence and keep our loved ones safe #hashtag this: NoMoreLoss with the picture of a gun with a red line across.

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