I am Gripped

Oftentimes I wonder will I fall away and never rise up to take my place in the kingdom which awaits and holds my freedom

I look around at the world around me, yes, I pay close attention to those I encounter and can’t help but wonder if the subject of eternal life is more than a wonder

In moments of frustration when all hell breaks loose and I succumb to the tears that do fall I fight the negative thoughts that aid the pain further in an attempt to discredit God’s promises

I fight my personal battles everyday beating all the opposition that challenges me though some make me weak the holy spirit gives me more strength to fight once more

I move forward looking abroad at every opportunity that waits for me to claim it, not knowing what other giants will have to fall in order for me to take it

God’s voice continues to talk to me peacefully drawing me closer to what he desires for my soul and I render everything just so I can stay close.

He has affirmed me and gladly claimed me as his own and I have surrendered under his authority exclaiming how great and majestic is his throne.

Even when it seems like I’ve lost the battle, the truth is I’ve really won.

He reminds me that I can not lose why? Because obedience and honor has been given to his majesty.

I have been gripped, held into position, no longer faltering because Jesus is the sustainer helping me to continually conqueror.








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