It’s a trip to be all alone living in a world full of others
and to still be friendless
I’ve traveled near and far by bus train and car
Only to run into the same situations to be without
Without a doubt simply friendless
Is it because I’m unfaithful? they say loose lips sink ships… have I let loose in some way?
Or is it my audacity to tell the truth whether people want to hear it or not
My hope, my dream becomes our hopes and our dreams when you have friends
You consider your true friends like brothers and sisters
True ride or die partners for life. Right?
but suddenly my perspective shifted
As soon as I realized that God was the truest friend I could find
My whole world changed in the blink of an eye
I thought to myself I am not alone how could I be so dumb
My savior died and gave me life
He is my hope and my dream
I am a joint heir with Christ, in him I’ve been redeemed
He truly is my ride or die and with faith in him my partner for life
I guess I’m not truly friendless after all
In him I can cry and when I am weak, he helps me stand tall
Everything a friend does God does 100 times 10
No one is truly friendless unless we choose to live a life without him
A real friendship is found in Jesus Christ. Why?
Because he bled and died.

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