Fight Back

In life there are challenges that we face daily no matter what they maybe we can claim the victory

Make an assessment concerning your life and don’t give up, continue on no matter what, remember we only live once

Fight against any feelings of anger that rises up, every time life knocks you down, just get back up

Fight against any temptation that tries to arise, allow the truth to rescue you and God will bring you through

Fight against the rebellion that fills today’s generation and has this chaotic world thinking that there will be no repercussions concerning its rebellion

Fight against any anxiety that sneaks up suddenly, without hesitation proclaim the word of God and he will bring you peace

Fight against any paranoia thoughts that enters the mind, cast your cares to the Lord he is in control so remain worry free at all times

Fight against lust and remain steadfast in faith in order to maintain your sacredness, don’t get lost in virtual reality

Fight against depression life is a blessing and each second should be spent in celebration especially since we all have an opportunity to receive the gift of salvation

Fight back against everything that tries to be a hinderance, once you’ve conquered the issues that have arisen, sit back and enjoy the recap which show cases God’s power and how he taught you how to fight back using his Word, now give him a hand clap. Selah

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