Even Then…Fight the Good Fight

There are times we may get weary and life’s plights has overwhelmed us, and each burden carried has us bound, left broken, sadden in despair. We fight and fight consistently only to drown further into misery contemplating suicidality forgetting previous victories. Underestimation sets in and panic crept in and now worry and to add to the matter no one understands.

The battle is constant, the war everlasting should we sin should we binge and engage in unfaithful service instead of patiently awaiting the arrival of the righteous one the begotten Son. His blood shed in which he bore all sin and restored us his children. In an instant it all could end, then would it matter the decisions that seems so critical so crucial to our existence as one who believes in healing, deliverance, and wholeness.

With eagerness and anticipation of our promise, we must not bend, conform or make the mistake of giving up. We must know that it is he who rules his own spirit that is greater than one who conquers an entire city. Losing hope is never an option growing and moving forward despite our inconsistencies for moments of uncertainty is acknowledged. The time will come when the Son will relieve and restore us recognizing who kept the faith separating the left from the right at the heavenly gates.

So, though calamity strikes, and predicaments arise we must always remember that EVEN THEN…FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!



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