Dwelling Place

Lord rest upon me, live in me and make this temple your dwelling place.
Like the lion that protects his kingdom from all enemies; Lord protect me by keeping me in your shadow hidden from all evil.
Make me your dwelling place like the tree that stands firm deeply rooted and never abandoning its post. Let your spirit flow in me like the blood that flows through my veins.
Dwell in me Jesus for you are my light and shining armor leading me towards your righteousness.
Allow your spirit to change my heart, for it is there where life’s issues flow but Lord you came so that I could let those issues go.
Instead of autumn leaves replace in me the joy of spring allowing the fruits of your spirit to fill my heart.
Lord become my dwelling place, in you I have perfect love that exceeds all failure.
Fill this temple making it no longer a dry and empty space.
When all else fails your word and your presence will remain in the heavens as well as on earth.
Renew in me a stronger faith allowing me to go deeper in knowing your amazing grace.
Sustain this temple allowing me to run this race steadfast about my Father’s business.
It is my sincere hope that you will dwell within my soul keeping me far away from evil.
Continue to do a new thing until the return of Christ comes to reign.
Help me to follow your precepts in my pursuit of following you Lord.
Consider me your slave for you have paid the price with your precious blood so that I could be in relationship with you.
Dwell in me Jesus, before you came in me was no good thing
I have become reliant upon the Lord who is my strength
All I ask God is that you allow me to be your dwelling place.

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