Draw Me

Draw me unto thee oh Lord for I have need of you. You are my passion and my stronghold for without you I cannot live. Keep me in thy presence and secure me in thy will.

Draw me my prince of peace, you light my paths and make them straight. You are my guide and I walk boldly proclaiming your word.

Draw me oh God my source for when I am in need you provide. You take all worry and shame away from me. You provide me with love and joy and you maintain my victory. It is in you that I find peace. Oh, rose of Sharon I bow before you Lord I adore you.

Draw me my sword that I may take thee in mine heart and fill my cup Lord with your spirit. Thy word shall remain in mine heart forever and in times of trouble I will remember that you are my renewed vision, I take heed and learn of thee.

Draw me my shield hide me in the secret place away from mine enemies. Cover me, mold and shape me into thy image. I’ll praise the Son of Man the God of them who cry out and seek Him.

Draw me oh Son of David and heal my blinded eyes for by your strips I was healed from all transgressions.


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