Don’t Give Up!

When everything points to life’s opposition, don’t give up!

Understand that giving up is effortless but don’t, be encouraged and stand tall against any attack remember God is your defense to the offense that life brings

The harsh realities of life are sometimes hard to bear

And it takes courage to continue living life though troubles come near to detour and keep you ensnared, but even then, don’t give up!

Realize that giving up is effortless, but if you carry on and continue to fight the good fight of faith God will strengthen you  

The trials and tribulations that pursue you in life cannot ruin the destiny that God predestined you

Living life may be hard but fight each day knowing that God has not given up on you

You will make it because God will see you through

Giving up may be effortless, but stay strong trials and tribulations come to toughen you

Remember God cares for you no matter what He’s here for you

So, don’t give up!

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