I dare to dream of a day when I’ll be completely free from constantly contemplating about who I should be. While others suppress, I dig up every hidden secret and try my best to deal with me.
I think, and I think positioning my thoughts hoping to get a response without feeling less than.
I’m simply learning to deal with the inner me instead of remaining bound up I’d rather be set free in my conscious mind totally. Sometimes I sit and watch other people and who they show themselves to be and wonder if they think of things like righteousness, holiness, and what they mean. Sometimes I think that it’s just me who thinks of God continually day after day. I realize the importance of sitting in a quiet place allowing my mind time to concentrate on Godly things.
The secret is to pursue God whole heartedly while being consumed by him in prayer and in reading his word. It is amazing how different I started to think and soon dealing with my inner me was less taunting.
I will agree that at first dealing with one’s self is hard to do because of things we may have done less pleasing but cannot be undone. I Sought Gods counsel and he saw me through He is the only way the life and the truth. Consciously decide and choose Jesus Christ because he Consciously died and paid the price for you and me too!

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