Because You Love Me

God you are my sunshine, my new horizon everyday that I awake
You are my moonlight that shines in the midst of darkness and provides light down the path that I take
You have become my family covering a multitude of people you have taken their place
You have provided me with a one of a kind love which brings me to my knees every time I think of all you have done I can not complain
No matter where I go in this world there you will always be
You are my power source who energizes me when I am faint
You are the shield that protects me from the rain of issues that life brings my way
And when the enemy rises against me, my life he wishes to take, the Lord mighty in battle stands up and defeats everything he has thrown my way
I stand in awe and adoration of you, I question why me Lord? Who am I? That you should give me so much love, peace, joy and grace
And then I hear you say that it is all given simply because you love me.

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