I praise thee oh Lord even when mine enemies rise to torment me
With every breath I take a second to thank you for the life you’ve given me
You have restored my soul
I enter praise with understanding, showing gratitude for victory
In every way I give you praise that is divine
You filled my heart with joy and turned my midnight into morning
Brighter than a shining star, your light so bright it is incomparable to all others
O holy one God the father, son, spirit in one
You filled me with gladness, helped me overcome all sadness
You’ve truly changed me inside and out
None compares to your splendor and all the earth will succumb
Your audacity brings clarity to those who seek your truth
Again, oh Lord I will praise thee with every breath that I take
To know your word is a privilege, great honor is due
As long as I live, myself I do give
A sacrifice like a lamb to the slaughter
Your loyalty to me though I undeservedly receive it, brings you even more glory
No casualties or imperfections inhabit your prestigious posture
As I wait for fate to bring me closer to heavens gates
When you awaken me, and I bow in awe not able to stand face to face
Behold my king in you I will rejoice
And shout Hallelujah! For my Savior lives forever and ever.

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