1 out of the Dozen’s

Throughout the world there are many but in truth who compares to the 1 out of the dozen’s
With his knowledge he knows the very number of hairs on our head
With his authority he loosens the shackles
With his word he speaks life and even more abundantly
The way, truth, and life through him is eternity
How foolish are the others who think they are greater?
False idols, empty vessels, mere statues man made with material
But there is 1 who formed us in his image
Who is always near with his arms wide open
He guides, leads, and shields his people
His ability to create people and things that procreate show cases his power
Psalm 113:5 who is like the Lord our God, who is enthroned on high?
A jealous prince of peace who can become angry when He tires of his enemies
He never sleeps or slumbers neither lazy or hopeless
Great is he a mighty king, he gives his servants victory
He inhabits the praises of his people even the angels adore him
What other has died for unworthy personnel’s?
Take heed and acknowledge the holy one
The only one Jesus Christ the Father’s son.

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