Writing on the Wall

Healthy Alternatives (My Night with Bizzle)

For the first time in my life’s history I had the pleasure of attending a concert featuring rapper Bizzle along with the whole God Over Money team and it was awesome. I posted some live streams of the concert to social media and immediately got some responses.  I had someone ask me who Bizzle was …

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Overcoming Humiliation

Have you or someone you know ever been humiliated publicly in front of a large crowd of people? If yes, then this is for you. I’ve been embarrassed many times throughout my life and the only thing it accomplished was more distrust towards people that I was in some way or another connected to. No …

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I Live to Suffer (Meet Brother Gibert Hovsepian)

This Sunday I went to visit a popular church located downtown about 10 minutes from where I live. As I entered the sanctuary, I observed all the believers inside praising God with their hands lifted as they sang songs along with the praise and worship team who lead them into worship. I found a seat …

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In Search of Healing

There are billions of people roaming the earth all with some form of illness whether it is severe or not as it relates to the physicality, mental capacity, and emotional distress of an individual just depends on that individual’s personal circumstance. This subject matter came to mind as I watched the biographical story of Pamela …

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You Got A Friend In Me

Growing up I did not have many people I called friends and I have always wondered throughout life why I was different from other people, I mean I have had the occasional friend here or there but after a while we stop communicating and have since moved forward in different directions. I always wanted that …

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How to be an Effective Storyteller

Lately I have been thinking about my life concerning the good, bad, and ugly moments I have had over the course there of. I remember exercising by doing my routine walk like I would normally do every morning and the subject matter of how to be effective when articulating the stories in the bible along …

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Finding Destiny

When people talk about destiny what they really are referring to is the plan and purpose that God has destined for us. People put so much emphasis on becoming something great that they miss the whole point. It is not solely based on our ability to become rich for example, when we serve Christ it …

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All Antics No Truth (Beware)

In today’s society people often seek churches that will entertain them rather than attend churches that provide sound teaching. The church is becoming less and less effective in our communities; we have stopped seeking God for the answers and have adopted new doctrines in order to appease the crowds of people so that the church …

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In today’s economy we measure success by the materialistic things we acquire such as mansions, fancy cars, clothes, etc.… In other countries people may determine their success by obtaining land, having many children, and raising and selling animals it all just depends on their perception of what success is. I have a different perspective on …

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The Road to Recovery

 I had an epiphany some time ago, once I finally settled in my new environment in Fresno California, I was able to take time and reflect on all that happened in the last couple of years. Last year I almost had a mental break down from all the stress I was under including working a …

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