Dare too Dream

Dare to Dream of a place filled with love, laughter, and joy in the atmosphere.A safe place where no one hungers or thirsts because all have been filledImagine feeling no pain or suffering there, every kind of sickness, disease, and malfunction is clearedA heavenly place, delighted in glory where sanctification is complete so no sin …

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Pick and choose who you will surrender to Will it be money, false gods, those things that are important to you Or will you serve the king Yeshua over things that your clinging to Realize that Christ too had an option. He chose to die for me and you He was the ultimate sacrifice They …

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Masked Pain

Reflecting on what used to be and realizing that what was is no longer. I’m left with mere memories. I think about all the good, hoping its triumphs outweighs the negative tasks that resides in the past. I take one step forward looking with hope of the future and what lye ahead but inside there’s …

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Don’t Give Up!

When everything points to life’s opposition, don’t give up! Understand that giving up is effortless but don’t, be encouraged and stand tall against any attack remember God is your defense to the offense that life brings The harsh realities of life are sometimes hard to bear And it takes courage to continue living life though …

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Guns & Roses

Where’s the love? when shots are exchanged, and blood is lost. Communities weep over dead discoveries and drinks are poured out for the gangster’s dead homies Why the violence? The mentality of those that pull the trigger and extend their hatred toward another is a senseless act. The violence given in response to someone else’s …

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