Living with General Anxiety Disorder & PTSD

Recently I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety disorder as well as PTSD (complex). For those who do not know what generalized anxiety disorder is, it is when someone is a constant anxious worrier and find it difficult to control their worry, this disorder interferes with day to day activities. Some symptoms of this disorder include …

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Have I proven myself yet oh God?I have walked away from everyone and everything I’ve knownI have endured the heartbreak that comes with telling the world no because I now stand for something bigger than myselfI’m still here believing in you with all the pain I’ve received from those who mock me and make fun …

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No matter how high the mountain is continue to climb knowing that faith moves all hindrances No matter how dark the valley is shine bright in the mist of darkness and be God’s light No matter how long the journey is continue to walk on the straight path that leads to eternal life Though time …

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Oftentimes I wonder will I fall away and never rise up to take my place in the kingdom which awaits and holds my freedom I look around at the world around me, yes, I pay close attention to those I encounter and can’t help but wonder if the subject of eternal life is more than …

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Oh Lord, hear my cry and rescue me out of this snare that has me tangled up in fear build my stature and give me strength to continue to fight the good fight of faith though mine enemies wish to cuff me and lead me to my demise protect and shield me lead me further …

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