Healthy Alternatives (My Night with Bizzle)

For the first time in my life’s history I had the pleasure of attending a concert featuring rapper Bizzle along with the whole God Over Money team and it was awesome. I posted some live streams of the concert to social media and immediately got some responses.  I had someone ask me who Bizzle was …

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Help me to Stand

When I feel weak in my flesh and am a complete mess Falling and whimpering around from place to place Disguising my dysfunction, a complete masquerade I wear on my face I may pretend and smile through pain to keep all the nosey vultures away I’m steadfast in encouragement I pace and am sustained in …

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Dare too Dream

Dare to Dream of a place filled with love, laughter, and joy in the atmosphere.A safe place where no one hungers or thirsts because all have been filledImagine feeling no pain or suffering there, every kind of sickness, disease, and malfunction is clearedA heavenly place, delighted in glory where sanctification is complete so no sin …

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Overcoming Humiliation

Have you or someone you know ever been humiliated publicly in front of a large crowd of people? If yes, then this is for you. I’ve been embarrassed many times throughout my life and the only thing it accomplished was more distrust towards people that I was in some way or another connected to. No …

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